What’s in Your Carry-On Nadine Jolie?

Photo courtesy of NadineJolie.com
Photo courtesy of NadineJolie.com

A carry-on bag is the pared down essentials for every traveler. Though what those essentials are varies widely (I, for one, can’t leave for the airport without my notebook and bag of pens). For a little inspiration (and, let’s be honest, some fun snooping) we’re taking a peek into the bags of travel and wedding experts so you can get some ideas on what should make the cut in your destination wedding or honeymoon carry-on.

First up: beauty enthusiast and avid traveler Nadine Jolie Courtney. She’s the founder of NadineJolie.com  and author of two books, Confessions of a Beauty Addict and Beauty Confidential, and she also writes for Vanityfair.com, Fox News, and P&G Everyday. Naturally, she’s a perfect person to ask about travel style. Read her tips below:

I just got back from …
A week in South Florida: Miami, Palm Beach, Delray Beach, and Key West. It was my first time in Key West and I fell in love (although I wouldn’t necessarily recommend spending a week in Florida in July! You know: unless sweating and heat-headaches are your jam).

Nadine in Key West. Photo via Instagram.
Nadine in Key West. Photo via Instagram.

Next, I’m jetting off to …
San Diego, for Comic-Con. The joys of being married to a nerd! My husband and I are launching a Cosplay costume app there called CosRank. We’re taking Amtrak down rather than driving, which I highly recommend. The first-class cars are extremely nice, with food, wi-fi, and comfy seats!

The best travel tip I’ve ever heard is …
When you’re packing your liquids, put a piece of plastic wrap over the container head before sealing it with the cap. This’ll prevent any messy leaks. I also put my most potentially-explosive bottles together in a Ziplock bag inside my toiletries case. You can never be too protected against moisturizer and shampoo goo!

Nadine at last year's Comic Con. Photo via Instagram.
Nadine at last year’s Comic Con. Photo via Instagram.

Window or aisle …
Aisle, always and forever. I am that girl who will go to the bathroom five times on a 3 hour flight. Nobody wants to deal with that!

Overpacker or travel light …
Despite being a beauty gal and a lazy person who despises shopping while on vacation, I’d still prefer to travel light. I don’t like checking baggage, and have found that overpacking clothing, shoes, hairdryers, accessories, etc., is simply not worth the wait, potential stress over lost luggage, and energy expended lugging heavy bags. One carry-on and one large satchel that fits a smaller purse, magazines, and my laptop, and I’m good to go!

What’s in my carry-on …
I always have two carry-ons: a small piece of luggage that fits my clothes, and then a large Coach satchel that fits a smaller purse (which includes a zipper pouch with my cell phone charger, computer charger, and headsets), magazines, a versatile scarf, my cell phone, a Ziplock with snacks, and my laptop. I find that placing small bags with like-minded items into larger bags helps you find things more quickly. And having snacks on hand are a must: you can never count on airport food! KIND bars are a lifesaver.

What's in your Carry On, Nadine Jolie
Nadine’s carry on bags, packed and ready for San Diego Comic Con tomorrow. Photo source: Nadine Jolie Courtney


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