What to Pack for a Beach Honeymoon

packing guide beach honeymoon
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There are plenty of reasons to choose a honeymoon on the beach. Warm climate, romantic walks along the shore, cocktails with umbrellas in them … Of course, these is another reason you may not have thought of, but it’s a good one. A beach vacation is super-easy to pack for. Throw a couple swimsuits and a pair of flip-flops in your bag and you’re set. Well, almost.

To make sure you don’t forget anything crucial, print out this list before loading up your suitcase:


– Multiple bathing suits: Ever put on a damp bathing suit? It’s icky, there’s no other way to describe it. And in humid climates your suit may take a while to dry. So bring a spare or two to avoid the clamminess.

– Day sandals: Bring a pair you won’t mind getting all sandy, since, spoiler alert: they’re going to get all sandy.

– Night sandals/wedges: A second, dressier pair for dinners out or walking around town means you aren’t wearing your Old Navy dollar flip-flops in a nice restaurant.

– Shorts and t-shirts: For covering up at the beach, excursions, you know the drill.

– Dresses for dinner: Most restaurants in beachy areas aren’t too fancy, but you’ll want a few cute sundresses for nights out.

beach sundress honeymoon
Dress from Piperlime.com

– Old baseball hat: You won’t want to wear your cute straw fedora in the pool or the ocean, so bring a hat you don’t really care about for the water.

– Spare pair of sunglasses: As someone who has experienced her favorite sunglasses flying off her face thanks to a surprisingly-big wave in Cancun, take my advice and bring an extra pair of cheapie sunglasses to wear in the water.

– Beach bag/backpack: Bring something big enough to hold all your stuff, but not so big you’ll hate lugging it around all day. A backpack or a bag that zips shut is also a good idea if you plan on taking any excursions.

– Watershoes: Are they dorky looking? Yes. Do you need them if you plan on hiking through water or doing any of the other land/water combo activities your destination has to offer? Also yes.

– Swim trunks with a zippered pocket: Tell your new husband to bring, or buy, one of these suits. It comes in handy when you want to bring your room key to the pool bar or stash a locker key on a snorkeling excursion.


– Sunscreen (and lots of it): You know you need to wear it, and since hotels often charge outrageous amounts for a tube in the lobby gift shop (a superb example of supply and demand), it’s better to bring plenty from home.

– Aloe vera gel/witch hazel: The odds of a sunburn at some point during your honeymoon are high, and once again, hotels often gouge you on sunburn relief products, since they know newbie lobsters will be desperate enough to pay.

– Lip balm with SPF: Even the most vigilant sunscreen applier often forgets their lips. Don’t make that mistake. It’s tough to make out with a sunburned mouth.

– Lip/cheek tint and waterproof mascara: Seriously, this is all the makeup you really need. Anything more will just melt off your face in the humidity. Plus, the beach is all about low-key beauty, so relax and don’t worry about a full face of makeup.

– Anti-frizz serum/leave-in conditioner: Humidity can be a bitch, so fight back with a smoothing serum. Also, you can apply leave-in conditioner to your hair before you hit the ocean and it’ll protect your strands from the salt water (or chlorine in the pool).

Case from jamestowndistributors.com
Case from jamestowndistributors.com


– Waterproof case for your Kindle or iPad: Obviously not mandatory, but if you are planning on reading at the beach with one of these you’ll want something to protect it from sand and your fresh-from-the-ocean spouse. Though not the most fashionable choice, a Ziploc bag works surprisingly well in a pinch for a Kindle.

– Refillable waterbottles: Handy for water of course, but also for bringing, ahem, “water” from your minibar onto the beach.

– Waterproof camera (or disposable camera): If you’ll be snorkeling, or just want some pics of you frolicking in the waves, this is a must.


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