Trans-pet-tation: Traveling With Your Dogs for Your Wedding or Honeymoon

traveling with pets, dogs
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When it comes to your wedding day, you should be able to have everyone you love in attendance — whether they have two legs or four. Pets play a very special role in their owners’ lives and it’s not uncommon for couples to include their furry friend in their ceremony. Adding a guest with a tail and limited bladder control can be tricky enough, but taking them on a trip is a whole other story. It’s crucial to educate yourself on the basics of traveling with a pet before you hit the road for your destination wedding or honeymoon.

Jane Pierce-Saulnier, who runs has some tips for dog (or other furry friend) lovers who want to hit the road. She advises owners to first consider whether or not your pet is suited for travel. Factors like your pet’s temperament and the weather should be considered. If your dog doesn’t do well in new situations or around people, you may want to reconsider taking them with you. Also think twice about bringing your pet if you’re planning activities where you can’t bring your dog — there’s no point in them tagging along if they’ll just be in a kennel all day!

traveling with pets, dogs

Once you determine whether or not your pet is suited travel, it’s time to begin looking into the logistics. Be sure the venue you’re staying at allows dogs, or look up local dog hotels. If you’re traveling via airplane, look up the airline’s rules for traveling with pets. Just be sure your pet is welcome wherever you’re traveling. Once you’re sure your pal can hit the road, start figuring out what to pack.

“Bring a copy of your pet’s immunizations and a photo in case he goes missing,” says Pierce-Saulnier. “I always have a couple of towels, an extra leash, poop bags, food, a gallon of water, and a toy.”

Whatever you do, bring enough supplies to last for the visit and anything your dog might need at home. This includes medications and first aid supplies!

traveling with pets, dogs

Once you’re ready to start traveling, it’s important to prepare your pet for what lies ahead. Talk to them in a calm, soothing voice so they don’t panic. Be sure to give them a favorite toy as well to ease any anxieties. For driving, leave your pet in a crate or buckled into a safety harness, so they’re secured during travel. However, don’t forget to stop for plenty of breaks!

Traveling by plane can be a little trickier. First, decide if you are going to bring your pet in the cabin or check them in. Either way, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the airline’s standards, which vary depending on who you’re flying with for the trip. Whatever you choose to do, be sure to attend to your pet’s needs. Make sure to give them water and plenty of opportunities to relieve themselves before and after the flight.

traveling with pets, dogs


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