The Perfectly Packed Guest

When you’re invited to a destination wedding, you have to think a little differently when it comes to what to wear. You may have the perfect lace peplum dress … but it might not be all that suitcase-friendly. So, instead of worrying about pulling out a dress that’s a wrinkled mess (or even worse — torn and ripped), go for one that’ll easily survive the trip.

1. Black Cutout Dress, $198

1. Black Cutout Dress, $198
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It doesn’t matter the season or how far away the destination; you can’t go wrong with a LBD. The swingy silhouette makes this dress perfect for traveling. No fancy garment bags needed -- Just fold and pack.
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A few quick tips and tricks for packing dresses:

– Everyone knows linen is a travel-friendly fabric, but jersey cotton and chiffon are two others that don’t crease easily.

– Always pack your dress at the very bottom of your suitcase where it’s most secure and least likely to get shifted around.

– Stay away from delicate fabrics that can tear easily, like lace or tulle, and also avoid fussy embellishments like a beaded neckline or a peplum skirt.


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