Thailand and Cambodia Honeymoon Tips

angkor wat cambodia honeymoon
Erika and Bill Buckley in Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Erika and Bill Buckley had a sensational honeymoon in South East Asia, touring Cambodia and Thailand. In fact, there was way too much good stuff from their trip for just one story, so we included the best lessons they learned on the road here. If you haven’t read Erika and Bill’s Southeast Asia Honeymoon story yet, click here. If you have, scroll down for their tips:

  • Use a number of different research tools to plan your trip. “I made a Pinterest board devoted to the honeymoon, and found a lot of maps of small islands that I printed out. I used Agoda, which had a lot of resources that I couldn’t find elsewhere. I relied on cross referencing with the hotel websites, and I definitely used TripAdvisor where I could. And sometimes you just have to take a bit of a gamble.”
  • Understand that you will be really hot in Cambodia and Thailand. “I didn’t know how hot hot could be until I got there. You kind of just have to accept you are going to sweat and never stop. Stay hydrated and go with it.”
  • Be prepared to barter in Bangkok. “You are expected to barter, and it becomes a game. Be sure to look up their numeric system ahead of time. But don’t barter for food; that’s considered rude.”
  • krabi thailand honeymoon
    Boats off the beach in Krabi, Thailand – Photo by Erika Buckley

    Learn basic Thai phrases. “Their culture is based so much on being polite, that you should definitely take the time to learn a few basic phrases.”

  • Book a tour to the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. “Some people choose to hire a taxi, but you would need to make sure they wait for you because it would be very difficult to get transportation back. You would then need to also hire a boat, which is why doing a little tour could just be easier to arrange. We used one through our hotel.”
  • Ladies, when traveling in Bangkok, use the strip club bathrooms. No, really. Let Erika explain: “The bathrooms for women in strip clubs are by far the best in the city. They keep them nicer there than anywhere else. So if you’re stuck and there’s nothing but sketchy places around, use a strip club bathroom.”
  • Go to the doctor before your trip and get pre-emptive medicine. “We got really sick in Thailand and lost about a day of our trip. It was miserable, but luckily we had Cipro with us given by our doctor, and he gave us explicit instructions on when and how to use it.”
  • When traveling to the islands, wear flip flops. “We took a boat to get to the islands, but it’s not like they come right up to a dock and you step in. At one point, we were chest-deep in water holding our luggage over our heads to get to the boat. We wore socks and sneakers and would’ve been better off in flip flops.”
  • Try the local cuisine. In Cambodia, Erika recommends trying fish amok, “a fish mousse with fresh coconut milk and kroeung, a type of Khmer curry paste made from lemongrass, turmeric root, garlic, shallots, galangal and fingerrot, or Chinese ginger.” And of course the waffle/pork combo in Bangkok.
  • Above all, slow down. “It’s better to scale down your itinerary and really experience places.”

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