Scouting the Riviera Maya: Xcaret Park

Catholic Destination wedding mexico
La Isla is the main reception venue. This is the spiral walkway leading down into it. How’s that for a big entrance?
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Inside La Isla is a giant space for the reception as well as a stage for musicians or the head table. The venue is completely surrounded by water (hence the name). You can fit up to 660 people here using the two levels. Photo courtesy of Xcaret
xcaret catholic destination wedding mexico
This recreation of hacienda is just outside the main chapel and can also be used for receptions. Photo courtesy of Xcaret
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If you have a smaller wedding you could host dinner in this romantic and cozy wine cellar.
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This Mayan Ball Court is used to host the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular show each night. If you come to Xcaret just to visit it’s worth staying late to watch the show.
Destination wedding mexico xcaret park
This is a recreation of a Mayan cemetery (no actual dead bodies, don’t worry). Might make for some interesting wedding photos.
Xcaret park mexico catholic destination wedding
There are lots of animals all over Xcaret, including these guys.

Fast Facts:

  • Xcaret hosts two weddings a day, but in different locations (the park is large enough that you wouldn’t run into eachother).
  • Wedding guests come through a private entrance into the park and don’t need to buy a ticket.
  • It’s recommended you book weddings one year in advance, since the park is popular.
  • The smallest wedding you can have at Xcaret is 20 people (on the waterfront). The largest is 660 (in La Isla).
  • If you hold your wedding in La Isla consider hiring two wedding photographers to make it easier to capture the large space.
  • If you and your guests want to stay close to the park, consider Occidental Grand Xcaret Resort. It’s walking distance from the park and offers packages that include unlimited park visits with your stay. It’s also all-inclusive, which makes things easy on your guests. For more information on the Occidental Grand Xcaret Resort click here.
  • For more information on Xcaret weddings, check out their wedding website.


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