Pack Your Bags, You’re Going to Walt Disney World!

walt disney world honeymoon packing guideWalt Disney World is really in a class of its own when it comes to honeymoons. It’s not quite a swimsuit-and-shorts beach vacay, nor is it a dressy-casual city trip, and it’s definitely not a down-jacket-and-ski-boots jaunt (but you knew that).

If you’re spending your honeymoon in Disney World you’ll want to fill your suitcase with a mix of comfortable clothes and shoes for walking around, a few dressier items for dinners outside the parks, and yes, your swimsuit and flip flops for afternoons by the pool. Since it’s sort of three vacations in one, cramming all the necessary items into your suitcase can be tricky – but it doesn’t have to be. Here are our best packing tips for a honeymoon in Disney World. For more advice, check out our 42 tips for a Disney World honeymoon.

Definitely bring:

– Minnie and Mickey ears. Sure, you can get them at the park, but if you have your heart set on a pair of wedding veil and top hat ears, go ahead and order them online ahead of time. That way you can wear them right away (even on the plane if you want, again, no judgment) and won’t need to waste time scouring the souvenir shops.

waterproof jacket walt disney world honeymoon– A waterproof jacket. Yes they sell ponchos at Disney World, but do you really want to walk around looking like a yellow balloon when it inevitably starts raining? Of course not, so plan ahead and try to get something compact, like this Sierra Designs Kenosha Shell Jacket so you can stash it in your bag.

– Comfortable walking shoes. You’ll be walking a lot and your “they’re so comfy, I wear them all day at work” flats are not going to cut it. To give you a little perspective: The distance around The World Showcase at EPCOT is more than a mile – and that’s only half the park! So trust me when I say you’ll be happy you wore your less-fashionable but more-comfortable running shoes.

– A small, waterproof purse or backpack. You don’t need to lug around a giant Jansport and you don’t want to bring your designer (or designer knock-off, no judgment here) bag in a place filled with water rides and ketchup-smeared children. A smallish backpack or cross-body bag that you don’t really care about getting dirty is all you need for lugging around a water bottle, your rain gear and camera.

– Shorts and T-shirts. Standard theme park attire, anything fancier will feel out of place.

– A sundress or two. It is your honeymoon after all, so hopefully you’ll have at least a couple dinners outside of the park (or at one of the nicer restaurants at EPCOT). For those you’ll want a cute dress or dressy pants and top.

– Dressy sandals. You could bring heels to wear with that sundress, but after a day walking around the park I guarantee you won’t want to wear them. So bring dressy flats or wedges for dinners out.

– Sunscreen. Duh. But seriously, bring a full-size tube for application each morning and by the pool, plus a smaller tube to stash in your purse or backpack so you can reapply every two hours.

– Sweater/sweatshirt. It does get cold in Florida, especially during the winter and early spring. Also, there are always over-air conditioned spaces any season.

– Camera. Again, duh. Of course you’ll want to bring a camera, but keep in mind you can also take advantage of the Disney Photo Pass photographers (they’ll take pictures with your personal camera too if you ask nicely). What’s Photo Pass? It’s a plastic card with an ID number on it. Give the card to the Disney photographers scattered around all the parks and resorts and they’ll take your pictures and add them to your file. Then you can go online with your ID number and buy a CD of all your photos for a flat rate, or order prints, coffee mugs, etc. It can be a great option for honeymooners since it allows both of you to be in the shot, and the photographers are great at coming up with fun/funny shots. For more info and tips, check out this article on (

– A clutch. You probably won’t want to bring the backpack to dinner, so pack a smaller purse for nights out. Or better yet make your new husband stash your ID and lipgloss in his pocket. After all, that is why you married him, right?

– Bathing suit. For water parks and afternoons by the pool, obviously.

waterbottle walt disney world honeymoon– Collapsible water bottle. Buying bottles of water all day gets old, and there are plenty of drinking fountains around for you to refill your own water bottle so you might as well take advantage and save a couple bucks. This one from Vapur rolls down into practically nothing.

– Plastic baggies. Necessary for your liquids when you fly, but they can also protect your cell phone, camera and any other valuables on water rides.

You really don’t need:

– Flat iron. As you probably know, Florida is extremely humid most of the year, so your hair isn’t going to stay straight for very long. Save yourself the time and go with your natural hair texture or pull it back in a braid or bun.

– High heels. Like I said, you probably won’t want to wear them. Unless you’re planning on dinner at the Grand Floridian’s Victoria & Albert restaurant (it has a formal dress code), you’ll be fine at all other restaurants in flats.

– A lot of jewelry. You don’t really need your necklace smacking you in the face on the Rockin’ Roller Coaster. Just show off your new wedding band and bring a couple pieces for nights out and leave it at that.

And if you’re driving (or have rented a car):

– Bring groceries. The advantage of having a car is you can do a little grocery shopping before you get there.  Buying some snacks, bottled water or basic breakfast items at the local Publix supermarket can save you a lot of money since buying every morsel of food at the parks or in hotel restaurants gets extremely pricey. This is especially important if you’re staying at a Disney Vacation Club resort (aka Villas), as rooms include either a kitchenette (studio) or full kitchens complete with a refrigerator, stove and dishwasher (1-, 2- and 3- bedroom units).

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