Olympic Dreaming: Ride a Bobsled on Your Jamaican Honeymoon

2014 winter olympics sochi jamiacan bobsled team
Photo courtesy of Mystic Mountain Rainforest Adventures

Some people say you know they can’t believe … Jamaica will let you ride a bobsled on your honeymoon.

OK, sorry for butchering the beloved song from “Cool Runnings,” but just in time for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi I found out that Jamaica has a park that will let you zoom around on a bobsled. A chance to live out your winter Olympic dreams while wearing shorts and pretending to be Sanka, Derice and the rest of the Jamaican bobsled team? That sounds like a pretty memorable day on your Jamaican honeymoon or vacation.

The bobsled track is at Mystic Mountain Rainforest Adventures in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Tickets to enter the park and ride the bobsled are $68.20 (or $137.50 if you also want to go ziplining and take in other attractions). However, some hotels offer packages that include entrance with your room rate, so don’t forget to ask.

jamaican bobsled team 2014 winter olympics sochi
Photo of bobsled track by Paul Chung

There’s no running push start down the line though, instead you’re strapped in and the bobsled runs along rails (so there’s also no chance of you flying off the track, whew!). There’s also a handbrake in case you want to slow down the ride.

“When you think ‘bobsledding’ you think snow, cold, and snow dogs,” said Jane Chung, who visited the park with her husband Paul on their honeymoon in 2012. “But the bobsled at Mystic Mountain is on a track, and it cruises down a mountain and through the jungle. It is extremely fast — probably just as a fast as a real bobsled. You can control the brakes to slow down, or you can just go full speed, which is the most fun, but also terrifying.

“Of course, Paul wanted to go full speed, so that’s what we did. The ride lasted about 45 seconds, but it was 45 seconds of wild and pure exhilaration. There were a lot of turns and dips, and it was jerky but still gave you the feeling of your stomach jumping into your throat, sort of like the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Ride at Disneyland, if you’ve ridden that before.”

Jane also noted that when they went during the off-season in July the park was practically deserted, so there were no lines and in theory you could treat the day like an Olympics training session and zoom down the bobsled run to your heart’s content (however, you do have to pay for additional rides).

So even if you can’t make it to Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics you can still pretend to be a part of the Jamaican bobsled team – at least for a few seconds.


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