About Us

At Destination42, we believe that quality conversations and time spent together with good food and good company do wonders for your mental and physical well being. We also believe that parties don’t need to be frivolous. They can spark conversations that create change and they can create communities and friendships that improve people’s lives. 

Everyone’s busy these days, and when you do get the chance to travel or get together with family and friends, you want to make every second count. We help make that happen. 

Our products let you make the most out of your trips and plan memorable parties and gatherings without spending a lot of time. (Because as fun as it would be to plan a Pinterest-perfect party, who has that kinda time?) 

We’re here for the eternal hosts and wandering travelers. The people who love bringing others together and experiencing something new, who love the little details but also don’t sweat the small stuff. Who want their gatherings and trips to be special, but know that doesn’t always mean fancy. 

With our help, planning a party or a vacation doesn’t have to be work. It can even be — dare we say — fun?