Cambodia and Thailand Honeymoon – Erika and Bill

west railei beach thailand
West Railei Beach – Photo by Erika Buckley

Pretty soon it was time to say goodbye to Bangkok and head somewhere with a little more space to stretch out and relax: The Railei Beach Club in Krabi, which is a unit of privately owned homes that can be rented out when the owners are away.

“I really wanted to go somewhere that was off the beaten path and you could only get to by boat in the daylight,” Erika said. Their room opened out to the ocean, and the bathroom shower faced the jungle. “In the morning I would taking a shower in the open air watching monkeys swing from trees … It was insane and beautiful. Probably the most amazing place I’ve ever stayed.”

railei beach club thailand honeymoon hotel
Erika and Bill’s rental house at Railei Beach Club – Photo courtesy of Railei Beach Club

It was at the Railei Beach Club where Erika and Bill had what started out as one of the most romantic moments of their life. They took a swim in the crystal blue waters their first day there, soaking in the gorgeous view of the cliffs in the distance.

“There was no one else in the water, we had it all to ourselves,” Erika said. “I was swimming there with my husband, and I thought, this is what honeymoons are all about.”

Then suddenly she felt a tiny pinprick on her leg, which she first ignored … until she felt another, and then another, and another. She looked up at Bill and he asked, “Do you feel that stinging, too?” They looked around only to notice hundreds of tiny jellyfish surrounding them. “Oh, that’s why no one is in the water!” they thought as they frantically swam toward the sand … and with that their romantic moment came to a screeching halt.

“We still laugh about it,” Erika said. “It’s things like that that make your honeymoon exciting.”

Next up was the island of Koh Lanta, specifically the Costa Lanta Resort, where they rented bikes, went snorkeling (in jellyfish-free water), and ate plenty of fresh seafood. The couple continued their adventure with a hike in a national park. When they pulled up to the park’s gate, a man asked if they wanted a map and then handed them a Xeroxed copy of a hand-drawn section of the area.

koh rok beach thailand honeymoon
Bill at Koh Rok Beach, near Koh Lanta – Photo by Erika Buckley

“It was like something I would draw for you on a napkin at a restaurant,” said Erika. “To me, that was classic Thailand right there.”

After relaxing in Koh Lanta, Erika and Bill switched gears for the final leg of their trip.

“When doing research on Thailand, I found out we were going to be there during a Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan, and my husband and I love a good time, so we had to go,” Erika said. The Full Moon Party is an annual, world-famous celebration in Thailand that is basically a giant beach party filled with thousands of people from all over the world who celebrate the full moon all night.

And if it sounds like a bunch of party-ready people going crazy for hours on end, that’s because it is.

“It was our last night of the trip, and it was a total blast,” Erika said. “I was initially a little afraid of it getting too intense, but that wasn’t the vibe at all. Everyone was in such a happy, friendly mood.”

full moon party thailand honeymoon
Erika at the Full Moon Party – Photo by Bill Buckley

Instead of getting drinks at a bar, you buy a bucket with a bottle of alcohol and some type of mixer (Bill and Erika had Diet Coke), and then you mix it all in the bucket and carry your booze bucket around for the entire night.

“Everyone’s wearing glow-in-the-dark paint, drawing on each other. I met so many people. I even keep up with some still on Facebook,” Erika said. “There was this huge sign lit up with fire that said, ‘Full Moon Party Thailand 2012.’ It was beautiful there.”

After making new friends, getting temporary tattoos, and dancing to the different DJ booths until 5 a.m., Bill and Erika still managed to make their 8 a.m. taxi to the ferry, which would ultimately take them to the airport.

“I went to work the next day and still had that crazy temporary tattoo on me,” Erika said.

That’s the sign of a truly successful honeymoon.

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