7 Ways to Save Money on Your Honeymoon

save money on honeymoon
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Of course you want to go all out on your honeymoon – it’s your first trip as a married couple! But after blowing a fair chunk of your savings on a wedding it just might not be feasible. Luckily there are plenty of ways to save money and still have a fabulous honeymoon.

No. 1: Prioritize
Unless you have endless cash to spend you’re probably not going to jet off to a far-flung locale and stay at a five-star resort for a few weeks. But it’s entirely likely you can enjoy at least one of those things. So decide what’s most important to you. Do you want to visit an exotic place you’ve never seen? Do you want to hole up in a luxurious hotel suite and subsist off room service? Or do you mostly care about getting away – anywhere – for as long as possible? Once you’ve figured that out the rest can fall into place. Maybe you’ll head to Thailand and stay in budget friendly accommodations. Or perhaps you’ll go for a local destination and splash out on the honeymoon suite. Prioritizing not only helps you save money but also helps plan your trip!

No. 2: Set up your honeymoon registry asap
This is pretty much one of the only times in your life when you can ask people to give you money for a trip, so take advantage of it. Especially if you’re already set with a blender and don’t care about fine china. There are plenty of honeymoon registries to choose from and most allow people to give you money toward certain parts of your trip, like dinner or a boat tour, so they still feel like they’re giving you something tangible instead of a lump of cash. You can also hint to well-traveled friends that airline miles make a great gift for honeymooners – they can certainly come in handy when booking your flights or even get you upgraded.

No. 3: Splurge one night, save the rest
While two weeks in the honeymoon suite would be nice, at several hundred dollars a night (at least!) it’s not always possible. So consider booking a more budget-friendly room for most of your honeymoon and then upgrade to a nicer hotel or room for your last night or two. It’ll be something nice to look forward to and will end your trip with a bang. You could start your trip with a splurge too, but honestly, after the wedding you’ll be so exhausted all you’ll want to do is sleep and that room will likely go to waste.

No. 4: Combine your honeymoon with your wedding
If you’re planning a destination wedding in a beautiful location already then I strongly suggest sticking around for your honeymoon. Not only will you save on airfare but many resorts will give couples free accommodations when enough wedding guests book rooms. With a little research you could wind up with a free hotel for your entire honeymoon! And if you’re worried about running into aunt Myrtle during your romantic trip, keep in mind that most guests will leave soon after the wedding and if the resort is large it’ll be easy enough to keep to yourselves.

Lower Town in Quebec City - Photo by Camarind Photo
Photo by Camarind Photo

No. 5: Think road trip
Airfare can often be one of the most expensive (if not the most expensive) aspects of any trip. So if you want to save money look into resorts you can drive to. You can get to a beautiful hotel from practically anywhere in America. And if you’re main objective is relax in your room or lay by the pool then you don’t exactly need to fly to Bermuda, right? For some road trip inspiration, check out our series on honeymoons by car.

No. 6: Tell EVERYONE you’re on your honeymoon
Hotels, restaurants, tours, I mean everyone and preferably before you arrive. Many of these businesses love to treat honeymooners so you could potentially score some free champagne, a special dessert at dinner or other gifts. Of course, you shouldn’t go anywhere expecting freebies but if you get the word out that you’re newlyweds – and put out that so-happy-in-love vibe – you’ll likely be in for a few fun surprises.

No. 7: Remember, romance comes free
Sure, you could spend most of your honeymoon having candlelit dinners in swanky restaurants and indulging in expensive excursions, but the most important thing is to enjoy your time together as a couple. So save money and think about picnics on the beach, long walks through public parks, checking out free museums and attractions, buying groceries (don’t forget the wine!) and enjoying them in bed, and cuddling up at local hole in the wall restaurants instead. Hmm, suddenly saving money on your honeymoon doesn’t sound bad at all …

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