7 Foolproof Ways to Travel Safely with Your Jewelry

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Images courtesy of James Allen.

Your engagement ring, your wedding bands, your grandmother’s pearls — while possessions can always be replaced there are some that we hold more dearly to our heart than others. So when we want to travel with them, it’s important that they be kept safe and sound. Thanks to these tips from us and premiere jewelry adviser, James Allen, you can be sure that your engagement ring and any other jewelry you’re packing stays in your possession.

• If traveling via plane, always carry any special jewelry in your carry on. Too much can happen to any stored luggage, from loss to theft. Placing your jewelry in a secure and preferably hidden pocket of your carry-on will ensure it stays with you at all times.

• Don’t be fooled into thinking an insurance policy always has you covered. Double check for any clauses that may cause you to lose coverage. Some policies don’t cover travel or have other limitations that may not cover any missing jewelry

engagement ring, wedding ring• Always place any jewelry that you’re not wearing in your hotel’s safe. This goes for anytime you travel and for all your valuables. The best way to guarantee your special things will stay safe when they’re not on you is to make sure they’re in a place that only you and your partner can get into.

• Do not wear your rings in water, advises top jewelry provider, James Allen. Not only will this increase the likelihood of your ring slipping off, but cold water causes your finger to shrink, further increasing your chances of losing your ring.

• Allen also suggests going to a jeweler prior to travel to make sure everything is set in place on your ring. That way any lose stones can be secured, preventing you from losing them during a trip.

• Remove your rings when doing any risky recreational activity. Anything from hiking to making pizza dough on the Italian countryside can be an unsafe situation for your jewelry.

• The safest way to travel with jewelry though, is to not travel with it. If you are traveling for your wedding and want to pack jewelry, consider investing in some jewelry that looks alike, but will not hurt you if you lose it. If your partner is OK with it, leave your wedding bands at home. Ultimately, nothing is guaranteed in travel and in some cases, you might find it better to be safe with a fake than sorry when you lose the real deal.


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