5 Ways to Ruin Your Honeymoon

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The only thing better than the perfect wedding day? The perfect honeymoon. Of course, that’s often easier said than done. But if you want to have a honeymoon that’s as close to perfect as possible, avoid these five pitfalls, because any one of them could leave you muttering “I don’t want to talk about it” when someone asks about your fabulous trip.

No. 1: Overplanning your honeymoon.
This is an easy one to do. You’re already in major planning mode with the wedding, scheduling out every minute and creating a million to-do lists, so why not keep it going with the honeymoon? The problem with creating a minute-by-minute plan for yourself is your honeymoon will feel less like a vacation and more like a field trip. You should definitely do some research ahead of time (looking up restaurants and scenic beaches is also a great way to distract yourself from wedding stress) and plan out a few key activities, but leave the rest for when you get there.

No. 2: Going over budget.
Weddings are expensive as you surely already know, and honeymoons typically don’t come cheap either. But splashing out on an expensive hotel room just because you feel like you “should” isn’t going to be as great as you think it’ll be, mainly because you’ll be stressed over how much you’re spending and reluctant to splurge on anything else during your honeymoon, since you’ve already spent so much. There are lots of ways you can save money on your honeymoon, but the important thing is to make sure you’re only spending what you’re comfortable with. Also, leave some wiggle room in your budget for extras, like souvenirs, spa treatments or a fancy dinner as you’ll inevitably want some treats during the trip.

Chris and Elie Ziplining on Kauai
Chris and Elie Ziplining on Kauai

No. 3: Not giving yourself time to relax.
You won’t fully realize this until your wedding day has come and gone, but weddings are exhausting! Not just the planning but the actual day can leave you physically and emotionally spent (but in a good way, promise). So if you think you’re going to be fine waking up for an early morning flight or heading out on a five-mile hike as soon as you arrive you may want to reassess your plans. Taking a couple days to lay low will help you recharge and get some energy for more activities later on in your honeymoon. Your best bet is to book a spa treatment or plan a day or two by the pool before you head off on any adventures.

No. 4: Setting your expectations too high.
“It’s the biggest, best, most romantic trip we’ll ever take!” Has this thought run through your mind? You’re not alone, but it’s putting way too much pressure on yourselves and your honeymoon. Yes, it’ll be romantic and it may turn out to be the best trip you’ve ever taken. But realistically there will also likely be sun burns, stomach bugs or even a trip to the hospital. You may get into a fight or have moments of boredom. And that’s really OK, it happens to everyone. The trick is in how you handle these moments, which brings me to my last point …

No. 5: Not going with the flow.
Like I said above, there’s bound to be something that goes wrong during your honeymoon. In the honeymoon stories on Destination42 we’ve heard about airports burning down, eye infections requiring a visit to the doctor, vicious bouts of food poisoning, jellyfish stings and rowdy kids ruining a quiet time by the pool. Any of these things could have messed up a great trip, but the couples took them in stride and kept on smiling. If you go into your honeymoon knowing it’s not going to be perfect and rolling with the punches you’ll have a fabulous time no matter what happens. And remember that sometimes these unplanned and seemingly unfortunate moments turn out to be the best part of your trip. Like when you get lost on your way to the hotel and stumble upon an amazing street fair or when you meet fun couple friends in the ER waiting room. Any bad situation can turn around if you stick together as partners and agree to laugh at the bad stuff. And really, even if your honeymoon doesn’t turn out perfectly, you and your partner have a lifetime of second, third, fourth and fifth honeymoons to get things right.

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