5 Best Disney World Honeymoon Hotels

Disney's Port Orleans Rivers, Walt Disney World, Hotel, Honeymoon
Disney’s Port Orleans – Riverside – Photo courtesy of the Walt Disney Company

4. Disney’s Port Orleans – Riverside

Disney's Port Orleans Riverside, Walt Disney World, Hotel, Honeymoon
Port Orleans – Riverside Royal Room – Photo courtesy of the Walt Disney World

Our best Disney World honeymoon hotels thus far have been quite expensive — and that’s at their lowest during the off season. Should you decide to honeymoon at a busier time of year, prices range from extremely pricey to $All of the Money. Thankfully, there are cheaper choices available.

“Value” resorts like Pop Century, All-Star Movies and Art of Animation are the most budget-friendly, but are over-the-top in their kid friendliness and are as appropriate for a honeymoon as dinner at Chuck E Cheese. Don’t get us wrong, avoid kids at Disney World is like trying to avoid water when swimming, but a line has to be drawn somewhere, right? “Finding Nemo” art work doesn’t exactly scream “romance!”

Disney's Port Orleans Riverside, Walt Disney World, Hotel, Honeymoon
Sassagoula River at Port Orleans – Riverside – Photo courtesy of the Walt Disney Company

Where were we? Ah yes, your best bet for a moderately priced Disney honeymoon hotel is Port Orleans – Riverside. Fashioned after the romanticized grand old south, honeymooners can take quiet strolls along the lush, tree-lined paths that run along the tranquil Sassagoula “River” and amongst the white column “mansion” buildings that house the rooms. (Note that there is an adjacent Port Orleans – French Quarter that offers similar rooms and amenities, but with a more colorful, Mardi Gras vibe).

The rooms were recently redone and the gap in quality between them and pricier Disney resorts isn’t as significant as you might imagine. This is especially true in the Royal Rooms. The principal difference between these rooms and those you’d find at the Yacht Club or the Wilderness Lodge, for instance, is the motel-style layout. The window is next to the door, with the bathroom at the opposite, rear end. Also like a motel, your room within the three-story “mansion” building is accessed from outdoor walkways. We should emphasize that the similarities to a Motel 6 end there.

A lack of potentially romantic sit-down restaurants is another honeymoon drawback, as is the spread-out nature of the resort that means you might have to walk a bit to get to the main resort building or a bus stop. Its location is also not within walking distance of any park, but Downtown Disney is a charming boat ride away and Port Orleans’ central location means no bus ride is very long.


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