42 Tips for a Walt Disney World Honeymoon

That's Not an Animatronic. The King of Disney's Animal Kingdom - Photo by James Riswick
That’s not an animatronic. The king of Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Photo by James Riswick


See & Do

31. If you’re coming straight from your wedding, believe us, you’ll be more tired than you expect. So go easy on your first day and take advantage of your resort’s many amenities. Why not enjoy a couples’ massage? Senses Spa at the Grand Floridian, The Spa at Saratoga Springs, and Mandara Spa at the Walt Disney World Dolphin all offer them (Mandara has slightly lower prices).

His & her boat ride at Port Orleans Resort - Photo by James Riswick
His & her boat ride at Port Orleans – Photo by James Riswick

32. Rent a boat and spend an hour or entire afternoon enjoying Bay Lake in the Magic Kingdom resort area or the system of canals in the Downtown Disney area (pictured).

33. Take note every day of which park is offering Extra Magic Hours. They will either open an hour early or close as many as three hours later. This is especially clutch at the Magic Kingdom – there’s nothing quite like it at night.

34. The Park Hopper ticket option is a must, as you won’t feel compelled to cram everything at a park into one day. This is key, since it’s likely you’ll find there’s too much to do at one park, and perhaps not enough at another. It’s helpful for in-park dining as well. The ease of going from Epcot’s World Showcase to Disney Studios (via boat) and from Epcot’s Future World to Magic Kingdom (via monorail) makes park hopping that much easier.

35. Since we’re talking about park hopping, make sure to explore Animal Kingdom at the end of the day. The animals throughout the park will be up and about more given the cooler temperatures. This is especially true on the park’s signature Kilimanjaro Safari ride. As crowds wane, your guide can go slower and linger next to that giraffe or elephant for longer than normal.

Drink (and snack) around the World Showcase - Photo by Sarah Carrillo Riswick
Drink (and snack) around the World Showcase – Photo by Sarah Carrillo Riswick

36. In Epcot’s Future World, don’t be scared off by the warnings at Mission: Space. Unless you really do have a serious health condition or frequently get motion sickness, you’ll be just fine in the “orange” intense version that’s truly one of the most incredible rides on Earth.

37. Spaceship Earth, however, is not that incredible. Educational yes, nostalgic sure, relaxing definitely. But don’t follow the herd and line up for it with everyone else when the gates open. Instead, we suggest riding Spaceship Earth later in the day after indulging in our next activity.

38. Get your walking shoes on and make sure to stay hydrated as you Drink Around the World at Epcot’s World Showcase. Read our full description of this must-do at Epcot.

39. At Disney Studios, ride the new Star Tours multiple times. If you’re a Star Wars fan, this goes without saying, but every trip on the Starspeeder 3000 is almost guaranteed to be different.

Blizzard Beach - Photo courtesy of the Walt Disney Company
Hit the Slopes at Blizzard Beach – Photo courtesy of the Walt Disney Company

40. Here’s the lowdown on the Disney water parks. If you love water slides, head to Blizzard Beach. Besides being unbelievably cool (figuratively), its melted ski resort theme features a ski lift that allows the slides to be higher and the stairs to be fewer in number. Typhoon Lagoon presents a tropical atmosphere, with a sandy beach area and one of the biggest wave pools in the world.

41. At the Magic Kingdom, go to Space Mountain first. Since there are two mountains in Frontierland (Splash and Big Thunder), more people tend to head there first. You may even be able to ride Space Mountain two or three times. Hit up the Frontierland mountains later around lunch time when the kids are eating, preferably getting a fast pass for one and standing in line for the other.

42. If you really want to explore the parks, take one of the many behind-the-scenes tours offered at each. If you only do one, the Keys to the Kingdom Tour at the Magic Kingdom is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. See the “World” as you never have before: learn the entire back story of Walt Disney World, venture into the park’s underground service labyrinth and get unmatched photo opportunities in a nearly empty park in the majestic morning light prior to opening.


Fireworks at the Magic Kingdom - Photo courtesy of the Magic Kingdom

Fireworks at the Magic Kingdom – Photo courtesy of the Walt Disney Company

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