42 Tips for a Paris Honeymoon

paris honeymoon guide
Musée d’Orsay at night. Photo credit: Paris Tourist Office – Photographer: Amélie Dupont.



32. Paris has a few “must see” locations, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre museum, the Museé d’Orsay and the Champs Elysses. It’s worth getting a close up of the Eiffel Tower, because the view from the top is incredible, although keep in mind that your best pictures of it will be from several hundred yards away. The Louvre boasts famous instillations such as the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo and is huge; you need two whole days to look at every piece of art so prioritize what you want to see while you’re there. If you’re more interested in impressionist art, the Museé d’Orsay houses one of the largest collections of impressionist works in the world. The Champs-Elysses is one of the most famous streets in the world. Flanked by L’Arc de Triomphe and the Place de la Concorde, this street is one to hit for seeing major Parisian sites. It also houses shops for some of the world’s most famous fashion designers.

33. Take a picnic next to the seine, in les Jardins du Luxumbourg, or in the courtyard at Museé de la Vie Romantique. Paris is a beautiful city, in the sunshine especially. Grab some food on the go and soak in the vibe of the city.

paris honeymoon guide
The Arc de Triomphe. Photo credit: Paris Tourist Office – Photographer: Amélie Dupont.

34. Pari-Roller! Paris on Friday plays host to a fast-paced roller skating tour of the city. Note that this is a tour for experienced skaters, but there is a more relaxed beginner version on Sundays at 2:30 p.m. that starts at Place de Bastille at the Nomades Store in the 11th Arrondissement. Skaters are encouraged to wear bright colors for both skates.

35. The Shakespeare and Company bookshop in the Sixth Arrondissement is a personal favorite of ours. The difference between this shop and many of the other English language bookshops in the area is the fellowship they pioneered. Emerging writers can submit their work and live in the basement of the bookshop for free while working at the shop. They can use their time to write and be inspired in the same city as Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Joyce, and many other famous literary names. When you buy a book you get a cool stamp on the front cover, which makes a great souvenir for yourself or a loved one.

paris honeymoon guide
Sacré-Coeur at night. Photo credit: Paris Tourist Office – Photographer: David Lefranc.

36. Visit Montmartre in the 18th Arrondissement, where you can get your sketch done, take a picture in front of the real Moulin Rouge or, our favorite, visit La Basicilla de Sacré Coeur at the top. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Beware potential scammers on the steps up to the top of the hill, but the view is absolutely worth it.

37. Musée Rodin in the Seventh Arrondissement is a smaller museum dedicated to the works of the sculptor Auguste Rodin. The garden is what’s so wonderful about this museum, as many of his works are outdoors. Oftentimes described as a romantic garden, this is another great place to take a stroll or have a picnic.

paris honeymoon guide
Musée Rodin. Photo credit: Paris Tourist Office – Photographer: Amélie Dupont.

38. Centre Georges Pompidou in the Fourth Arrondissement is a unique blend of library and modern art museum, nestled inside a high-tech style building. It’s worth stopping by for the building alone, but head inside to see Paris’s largest collection of modern art.

39. Piscine Joséphine Baker is a public swimming pool that floats on top of the River Seine in the 13th Arrondissement. The river is nice to look at, but not so clean for swimming and sun bathing. For a peaceful respite from walking around the city, take a few hours to swim or lounge on the upper deck and watch the city go by you.

paris honeymoon guide
Piscine Joséphine Baker. Photo credit: Paris Tourist Office – Photographer: Marc Bertrand.

40. For an innovative souvenir, check out La Perlerie. It’s easy to pass up this jewelry and charm shop on Rue Temple in the Third Arrondissement, but dart inside to see a plethora of mix and match charms and jewelry. Make something for a loved one, or a fun piece of jewelry for yourself, but don’t pass this little shop by.

41. Take a ferry ride down the Seine, especially at sunset. You get to watch the city lights slowly flick on as the sun sets. Locals and travelers alike sit along the banks of the Seine, and many of them wave to the boats passing by. Bateaux Mouches is the best known tour company, but Bateaux Parisiens is another trusted one. Whichever one you choose, it’s definitely one of the best ways to see the city.

42. Take a day trip out to the Palace of Versailles. Louis XIV’s majestic palace and awe-inspiring grounds are the must-see place to visit outside Paris. Besides its historic, architectural and artistic interest, it’s also hugely romantic. We know couples who have been engaged there, so it’ll be absolutely perfect on your honeymoon.


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