42 Tips for a Paris Honeymoon

paris honeymoon guide
Photo courtesy of Hotel Plaza Athénée.



13. Paris is a compact city, and space is at a premium. So even at the more luxurious hotels be prepared to stay in a room that’s smaller than the American standard. Chalk it up to part of the Parisian experience and enjoy the excuse to get close to your partner.

14. Check out airbnb.co.uk for apartment rentals in Paris. Many are around $100USD a night, and are in prime locations within the city. Apartment rentals are a great way to get an authentic Parisian experience, as you’ll be staying in a residential area rather than in a commercial one. This site is great because it gives photographs and places the apartment on a map, so you’ll know exactly where you’re staying.

paris honeymoon guide
Photo courtesy of Four Seasons Hôtel Georges V.

15. Want the ultimate in luxury? Try the Four Seasons Hôtel Georges V in the Eighth Arrondissement. The interior is full of light and flowers, creating common areas that are just as luxurious as the rooms. Stay here for a night, or indulge in high tea here, and you’ll be treated like royalty the entire time.

16. Mama Shelter: This modern option is located close to the city center in the 20th Arrondissement. The rooms are decked out in trendy furnishings and wall hangings, as well as being equipped with high-tech extras such as Mac computers for connecting with home and streaming television. There’s also free WiFi, which isn’t a given at every hotel. Whether or not you choose to stay here, check out the bamboo terrace atop the hotel. It’s reservation only, so there isn’t a large crowd sharing the beautiful view with you.

paris honeymoon guide
Photo courtesy of Mama Shelter.

17. InterContinental Opera: The Hôtel Georges V is historic, but this hotel in the Ninth Arrondissement has also been housing travelers for more than 150 years. It gets its name from the historic Opera House nearby (take note “Phantom of the Opera” fans), which you can see beautifully from your room. This is the place to stay if you’re looking for a real piece of Parisian history.

18. Hotel Plaza Athénée in the Eighth Arrondissement is a luxury hotel that’s covered in plants and greenery. Flowers adorn the balconies, which makes the views from the windows even more charming. The views aren’t the only great part: the service and amenities are also top of the line according to kiwicollection.com.



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