42 Tips for a Maldives Honeymoon

Snorkeling, Maldives, Honeymoon
Honeymooning in the Maldives? Snorkeling is a must. Photo courtesy VisitMaldives.com



31. Each resort offers a range of water sports and activities, but before you try out those, simply swim in the clear blue sea. Float in the still shallow water surrounding your island, and marvel at the incredible beauty.

32. Head below the surface to snorkel in the coral reefs. Every resort provides snorkels, masks and flippers to explore the underwater wonderland. You will see angelfish, parrotfish, giant barracuda and triggerfish, to name a few.

33. All islands in the Maldives have reefs, but some are better than others. Islands that have been widely voted as having the best house reefs include Kandoludhoo, Angsana Ihuru Resort, Eriyadu and Chaaya Reef Ellaidhoo islands.

34. Want to see more? Many resorts offer snorkeling excursions to neighboring lagoons for those wishing to explore farther afield.

Maldives, Honeymoon
Sandbars disappear and reappear with the tides. Photo by Andrea Magrath

35.The Maldives has some of the best scuba diving opportunities in the world. The vast majority of resorts have diving centers on the island offering instruction courses and excursions.

36. There are plenty of wreck sites to explore for experienced divers. Maldives Victory Wreck in Hulhule House Reef, Fesdhoo Wreck in Ari Atoll, and The British Loyalty Wreck in Addu Atoll are among the most popular wreck diving sites.

37. Some resorts offer other water activities. Kayaking, dolphin watching, jet skiing, water-skiing, and sailing can be done in the Maldives, depending on your hotel’s facilities.

Maldives, Honeymoon
Just another spectacular aerial view of the Maldives. Photo courtesy of VisitMaldives.com

38. Dotted between the coral islands, there are many isolated sandbars that appear and disappear with tide. Day trips to these islands for picnics are an idyllic experience.

39. … They are also an incredibly romantic place, and therefore a popular proposal spot. My fiancé proposed to me on such a sandbar – we were dropped off in a speedboat, left with just ourselves, our snorkels and a bucket of champagne.

40. Speaking of romance, a candlelit dinner for two on the beach, or a private dinner made by the chef in your villa are almost always available by prior arrangement. With such a high number of wedding and honeymoon guests, all resorts cater for special occasions – at a hefty surcharge!

Huvafen Fushi, Spa, Maldives, Honeymoon
The Huvafen Fushi resort takes the spa experience to the next level. Photo courtesy of Huvafen Fushi

41. Ease your way into your honeymoon with a spa treatment. A massage on the sand to the sound of waves – what could be more relaxing?

42. With all those activities on offer, you’ll need to find time in your day for the most basic of holiday tasks: Lie in your deckchair, let the sun soak into your skin, and simply enjoy being in paradise.


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