42 Tips for a Maldives Honeymoon

Maldives, Honeymoon
One of the thousand-plus islands in the Maldives – Photo courtesy VisitMaldives.com



1. The Maldives archipelago is located in the Indian ocean just south of India’s southern tip and spread across more than 1,000 coral islands, grouped into 26 atolls. As such, the Maldives is not a honeymoon destination where you’ll “see it all”… unless you plan on a year or two of island hopping.

MALDIVES-MAP-DESTINATION422. The Maldives enjoys temperatures of 26C-30C (79F-86F) year-round. The best months to honeymoon are January to March, when you are all but guaranteed perfect weather. In November and early December there are often afternoon showers, but they don’t last long. May-October is low season, when the weather is less predictable.

3. Most resort islands are exclusively home to one hotel, so the choice of where to stay is primarily down to what you are looking for in your honeymoon accommodation as most of the islands offer the same spectacular views, azure waters and silky white sand.

4. One consideration is distance from the capital island/city of Malé. Islands further away from Malé typically use seaplanes to transfer visitors to the resorts, while closer island resorts use private speedboats.

5. Malé airport is located on Hulhule Island, close to the capital city/island of Malé, in the North Male Atoll.

6. Be prepared for a very long flight, or rather, multiple long flights. Expect between 24 and 38 hours of total travel time from North America, with at least one connection likely in the Middle East or southeast Asia depending on where you depart.

Maldives, Honeymoon
The capital city/island of Malé. – Photo courtesy VisitMaldives.com

7. Thirty-day tourist visas are issued on arrival to all visitors with a valid passport and a confirmed hotel reservation. These visas are free and there is no airport tax. You can extend this visa by a further 60 days by applying to the immigration department.

8. The local currency is Maldivian Rufiya (MRF), which is worth about 6.5 cents to a US dollar. In the resorts, US dollars is the most common currency and most used for tipping and paying the bill. Euros and Pounds are also widely accepted.

9. Maldives is a Muslim country. Therefore, you should cover your shoulders and upper legs if you go outside of your resort.

Conrad Rangail, Maldives, Honeymoon
Conrad Rangali, one of the world’s Top 10 beach resorts – Photo courtesy Conrad Rangali

10. You also cannot bring alcohol into the Maldives, including Duty Free purchases. These will be taken from you at the airport and returned upon your departure. This ban also includes narcotics, pornography, religious idols and pork.

11. Tap water is not considered suitable for drinking. Bottles or filtered water is provided in hotel rooms and replenished regularly.

12. Tipping is discouraged in the Maldives, as a 10 percent service charge is added to almost everything. However, hotel staff are regularly tipped $10-$20 per week, and porters $1 per bag – it’s at your discretion.



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