42 Tips for a London Honeymoon

london honeymoon travel guide
The Ritz London. Photo courtesy of the Ritz.



10. As far as hotels go, there are a few routes to explore. There are several neighborhoods you should be familiar with when looking for hotels—Mayfair, the West End, Westminster, and the City of London. Regardless of where you stay, be prepared to pay more for what in America wouldn’t be a whole lot.

london honeymoon travel guide
A room at the Ritz London. Photo courtesy of the Ritz.

11. First up, the luxury works. There is no shortage of fine hotels in London, but it certainly doesn’t get better than The Ritz London. The extravagant establishment, located in upscale Mayfair, offers a variety of rooms and suites, including wedding and honeymoon options. Another top-notch location in Mayfair is The Dorchester, which is known for housing royalty, high society and celebrities alike on their trips to the city.

12. In the West End, you’ll find a vibrant theatre scene, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus (the London equivalent of Times Square) and so much more. For the travelers who really want to delve into the pulse of the city, this is the area in which you’ll want to stay. As for hotels, try the Premier Inn Leicester Squareit’s affordable, plus Leicester Square is the area where all posh movie premieres are held.

london honeymoon travel guide
The view from a Park Plaza Hotel room. Photo courtesy of Park Plaza.

13. Staying in Westminster, you’ll be at the heart of British politics with Buckingham Palace, Parliament and more all in walking distance. Try the Park Plaza Hotel at Westminster Bridge to be near London’s most iconic attractions. Seriously, it’s across the river from Big Ben!

14. Fittingly situated opposite London Bridge (not to be confused with the iconic Tower Bridge), the London Bridge Hotel is perfect for honeymooners who want to stay in a newer, trendy neighborhood. It’s conventionally located near the Tower of London and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

15. Ever heard of Airbnb? It’s an easy and reliable way to rent apartments, condos or houses online, and is a common way to book budget-friendly accommodations in London.

london honeymoon travel guide
Photo courtesy of London Bridge Hotel.



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