42 Tips for a Rhode Island Honeymoon

rhode island honeymoon hotels guide
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29. Be sure to head down to Newport to check out the Newport mansions. You can choose from several tour options, including a private tour. There are several houses you can choose to visit and the tours take more than an hour, allowing you to explore the house and grounds and learn more about the history of the manors.

30. If you’re looking for a more rounded experience in Newport, try walking the Newport Cliff Walk. This walk offers you a chance to enjoy the town’s seaside beauty, as well as its architecture.

31. If you are still in a sporty mood, check out the International Tennis Hall of Fame, also located in Newport. Here you can explore the history of tennis, learn about your favorite hall of famers, and even explore the 13 tennis courts located there. This is a must-see for any tennis fan.

rhode island honeymoon hotels guide
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32. Craving the water and some action? Head down to Narragansett to navigate the Narrow River via kayaks.

33. While you’re in Narragansett, check out the beaches. If you’re unsure of which beaches to try, Narragansett has four of the best beaches in the state: Scarborough, Roger Wheeler, Salty Brine, and Narragansett State Beach. Not to mention, it’s also home to the famous Iggy’s Doughboys and Chowder House in Warwick.

34. While visiting the coast, there are several lighthouses you can tour. Visit them for the full nautical experience.

35. Any visit to Providence is incomplete without going to see Waterfire. Waterfire began in 1994 when an artist installed braziers in the water of downtown Providence. Since then, the city has lit them up during the summers, creating the well known event. The city, not normally known for its nightlife, comes alive with this event, which happens once or twice a month from May until November. It’s often accompanied by street performances. Make an evening of it by having dinner at a waterside restaurant, then taking a river tour amongst the flames.

rhode island honeymoon hotels guide
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36. Learn about the Italian background of Providence by taking a walking tour of the city featuring a gondola ride! These gondola rides come in several different types of tours and are a nod to the gondolas of Venice. Be serenaded as you ride through the city and enjoy some authentic Italian cuisine as you do so. Tours run from April to November and during Waterfire.

37. If you’re a sports fan (and especially if you’re a member of Red Sox Nation), you can head into Pawtucket to catch a Pawtucket Red Sox baseball game. Significantly cheaper than other sporting events, this AAA baseball team usually plays every other week during the summer so your chances are good if you want to head down to McCoy Stadium to catch a game and see the next Dustin Pedroia or Jon Lester.

rhode island honeymoon hotels guide
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38. You haven’t truly experienced Rhode Island until you’ve visited the Roger Williams Park Zoo. Not only is it a great place to spend your time and one of the oldest zoos in the country, but the surrounding parks are gorgeous and also worth taking the time to explore.

39. The Slater Mill Museum, also in Pawtucket, is a great way to learn about the unique historical aspects of Rhode Island. It gives great insight on the state’s role in the Industrial Revolution.

40. Watch Hill is an affluent community within the southwestern town of Westerly. Be sure to go there for some nice shopping, seafood, and to sneak a peek at Taylor Swift’s home there. That’s right, Taylor Swift has a house in Rhode Island.

41. While in Watch Hill, you can visit Flying Horse Carousel. This is the oldest carousel in the country.

42. If you’re interested in more shopping, Warwick is the retail capital of Rhode Island and features lots of shopping, including antique stores.


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