42 Tips for a Rhode Island Honeymoon

rhode island honeymoon hotels guide
Photo courtesy of Hemenway’s.



20. Rhode Island has a large Italian-American population and that can be seen in its food. This is definitely a great place to go if you want to have plenty of dining choices that rival that of Italy’s!

rhode island honeymoon hotels guide
Photo courtesy of Iggy’s Doughboys.

21. While you’re in Providence, be sure to check out Federal Hill. Known as the “heartbeat of Providence,” this area is chockfull of art, shopping, and most importantly, dining. This area captures the essence of Providence, as well as the city’s Italian influence and is certainly not a place you want to miss.

22. While visiting Rhode Island, you should try several of the foods unique to the area. It’s not called the Ocean State for nothing! Be sure to try some of the seafood while you’re there. We love Hemenway’s in Providence or Iggy’s Doughboys and Chowder House in Warwick.

23. Not sure what to try for seafood? Go for the stuffed clams, known in Rhode Island as stuffies, at joints like The Commons Lunch in Little Compton or Champlin’s Seafood in Narragansett.

24. Ever heard of coffee milk? It’s milk filled with coffee concentrate that’s unique to Rhode Island. In fact, it’s the official state drink. It’s definitely something to try to taste the local flavor. You can try it by purchasing the syrup mix, sold in grocery stores, and adding it to milk. Simple as that.

25. Wayland Square Diner in Providence serves “cabinets,” which is coffee milk with ice cream, another local dessert to get a taste of while visiting.

rhode island honeymoon hotels guide
Photo courtesy of Al Forno.

26. Wieners are another local cuisine you’ll be sure to want to try. Seriously. Stuffed with toppings like onions and celery salt and coming in veal, pork and beef varieties, they are a Rhode Island classic. We love the wieners at Olneyville New York System.

27. Rhode Island is certainly not only known for its unique food, but its spectacular renditions of old favorites. Providence is consistently ranked as having the top pizza in the country by food sites, so be sure to try some while you’re visiting. Taste the pizza at Al Forno or Nice Slice.

rhode island honeymoon hotels guide
Photo courtesy of Newport Creamery.

28. Once you’ve tried all the fine dining Rhode Island has to offer, try out some of its unique desserts. Visit a Newport Creamery store to try the ice cream or one of their famous milkshakes, an Awful Awful made up of a blend of milk, flavored syrup, and a frozen ice milk mix. (The exact recipe is a Newport Creamery secret!)



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