42 Tips for a Rhode Island Honeymoon

rhode island honeymoon hotels guide
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12. Where you stay for your trip will depend on what you want to focus on. Want to get a taste of city life and explore various areas of the state? Consider a hotel in Providence. More interested in a Rhode Island beach vacation? Then you will be better off staying on one of the islands or beaches.

13. If you do choose to stay on one of the islands, you should consider that most islands run ferry services to get to and from the mainland, so travel off the island may not be as flexible as you’d like.

14. Want to rent out a beach house? Airbnb.com is a great site where people rent out their homes for your vacation stay. The site helps you pick a home based on your price range, guests, and stay. This is a great way to get an authentic experience staying in a beach town.

rhode island honeymoon hotels guide
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15. Don’t let the city/beach appeal of Rhodie fool you. The state is actually 60 percent woodland, so camping is still an option as well. If you’re interested in spending some quality time in the great outdoors, head to one of the state’s campsites. Visit visitrhodeisland.com for more information on campgrounds.

16. For a more intimate stay, check out some of the state’s bed and breakfasts, which can be found in almost any location of your choosing. These tend to give you a more romantic vibe, whether you’re staying in the city or by the sea.

17. There are also some great luxury hotels that you can find on the water if you want to make the most of a beach vacation. The Chanler in Newport is one of the highest ranked hotels in the state and has great access to the famous Newport Cliffs.

rhode island honeymoon hotels guide
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18. If you’re looking to stay in Providence, but want something more intimate than a chain hotel, check out some of the local hotels like the Providence Biltmore. It has been in the area since the 1920s, making it a historical landmark of the city. The Biltmore is one of Providence’s top ranked hotels and is equipped with a spa and one of Providence’s famous seafood restaurants.

19. If you’re seeking the ultimate secluded beach experience, try staying in Little Compton. It also features the Sakonnet Vineyard for wine lovers, beautiful parks, and several great seafood restaurants.



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