42 Tips for a Rhode Island Honeymoon

rhode island honeymoon hotels guide
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1. Our smallest state is probably not your first idea of a honeymoon destination. However, with cities, beaches, and plenty in between, you can get a little bit of everything during a visit to the Ocean State. Don’t let the small size scare you off – it’s actually an advantage since everything you could ever want for a honeymoon is within an hour’s drive.

2. There are 35 islands within the state of Rhode Island, including Block Island, Prudence, and the largest island, Aquidneck, which is the name used to distinguish its original moniker – Rhode Island – from the state itself. Ferry services are available, should you choose to stay at one of these locations.

3. Despite its small size, the state of Rhode Island contains 384 miles of shoreline that is perfect for a beach honeymoon.

4. Rhode Island has one major airport, T.F. Green, which is located in Warwick, a short drive away from Providence. Boston’s Logan Airport is also about an hour’s drive away.

rhode island honeymoon hotels guide
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5. Should you fly into Boston, you can always take the commuter rail train to get to Rhode Island. It stops in locations like Providence and Wickford.

6. When it comes to staying in Rhode Island, you don’t have to limit yourself to one area. Due to its size, most of Rhode Island’s destinations are reachable by car. Parking can be difficult, though, depending on where you are, especially by the beaches.

7. Weather in New England is often unpredictable and Rhode Island is no exception. This is not a place you want to visit in the winter, when there are frequent snowstorms and temperatures that can dip into the 20s. The ideal time to hit the Ocean State is during the summer, when the weather is warmer and you can enjoy a full range of activities, including ones that are outdoors.

rhode island honeymoon hotels guide
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8. A Rhode Island honeymoon can definitely be on the cheaper side. However, like any trip, you can also make it expensive. Save money by staying in a hotel and driving to the shore or splurge on a house by the beach.

9. Rhode Island does have public buses that you can use, as well as ferry services from most islands. It does, however, lack a subway system.

10. One option for getting to Rhode Island is Amtrak. The DC/Boston route stops in Westerly, Kingston, and Providence, as does the Virginia/Boston route.

11. This state is packed with historical landmarks. Consider checking out at least a few sites while you’re there.



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