42 Tips for the Best Bachelorette Party Ever

bachelorette party ideas
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31. Bring your own paparazzi. Hire a photographer to capture the whole event. Services like Flytographer specialize in getting the best shots without intruding on the party.

bachelorette party ideas
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32. Hangover kits. If drinks will be involved, these little babies will be the hit of the party. Put together bags with things like bottled water, Gatorade, bandages, Tums, an eye mask and a “Do Not Disturb” sign for people to use during their recovery from your epic party.

33. Alter-egos. If you’re out at a club, have everyone pretend to be someone else. Pick a new name, come up with a back story and crack up when one of you inevitably blows your cover.

34. Scavenger hunt. This could work well as part of a bar hopping night or at a party. Put together a list of items or tasks to gather or do and divide people into teams. Have a prize on-hand (or at least a round of drinks) for the winners.

35. Prank the bride. This service, called Las Vegas: The Game will work with you to pull off an elaborate, Hangover-style prank on your bride. Even if you’re not going to Vegas, it could be fun to pull a fast one on a jokester bride.

36. Decorate with lingerie. It’s cute and practical, since the decorations can double as gifts for the bride after the party.

bachelorette party ideas
Truth or Dare Cards.

37. Bring a deck of cards. But not just any cards. “Dare” cards like these have fun challenges you can give the bride and other party-goers to do throughout the night. It’s a great way to turn a night at the bar into an event to remember (or maybe forget?).

38. Team t-shirts. Preferably something pun-y with the bride’s soon-to-be-married name. Get the artsiest person in the group to design something that people will be happy to wear even after the party’s over.

bachelorette party ideas
Shirts from Etsy.

39. Bachelorette playlist. Whether you’re driving to Vegas, hanging in your backyard or getting ready in your hotel room, make sure there is appropriate music (read: fun, loud, dance-y music, or whatever the bride’s favorite genre is) blasting at all times.

40. Play a drinking game. There are tons out there, but here’s a fun one: Before you head out, have everyone write down a fun memory you have involving the bride. Have the maid of honor hold the cards and throughout the night read them and make the bride guess whose memory it is. If she gets it right that person drinks, if she gets it wrong she drinks.

41. Dress up the bride. EVERYONE should know that this girl is getting married, so bust out a veil, a sash, a phallic scepter, whatever ya got.

42. Memory book. If it’s an awesome bachelorette party then there will probably be more than a few moments you don’t want showing up on Facebook. So instead of sharing digitally, put together a small photo album for the bride – and tell her to stash it somewhere safe.


bachelorette party ideas
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