42 Tips for the Best Bachelorette Party Ever

bachelorette party ideas
Anderson Valley Brewing Company, photo by James Riswick.



12. Wine tasting. If you’ve got wineries in your area, they should be more than happy to host your party for an afternoon of tastings. No wineries in your area? Have everyone bring a bottle of their favorite vino (or alternatively, the most out-there wine they can find), cover the labels in paper and have everyone rate their favorites.

13. Beer tasting. It’s like wine tasting, but with beer. Plus, many breweries have excellent restaurants so you can hang out all afternoon.

14. Doggy playdate. If your bride is never without with her furry friend why not have everyone meet up at the dog park – or even better, a dog friendly bar?

15. Stylist party. Hire a stylist, or a fashion-savvy pal, to give you all style makeovers. Bonus points if you hire a photographer for a photo shoot after.

16. Beauty day. You can DIY this, with face masks, nail polish and makeup on hand, or head to salon like DryBar for blowouts and on to the cosmetics counter for makeup. Either way you’ll be ready for a night out.

17. Spa day. Many spas have deals for groups and will let you get certain treatments, like manicures or facials, in the same room.

bachelorette party ideas
Photo credit: ChicaandJo.com.

18. Theme party. Is the bride obsessed with Harry Potter or the movie Clueless? Make it the theme of your party or night out. Create themed cocktails, have everyone come in costume, the works.

19. Cocktail class. You can find a class or reach out to your favorite bar and see if they’ll hire out a bartender to teach you the basics of making the perfect martini. Then you can create a signature drink for the rest of the party – or maybe even the wedding!

20. Craft day. If the bride isn’t into sipping cocktails or partying all night, a day of girl talk and DIY projects may be right up her alley. Bonus points if it helps her cross a few wedding to-dos off her list.

21. Sex toy party. On the flip side, if you’ve got a wild bride, why not invite a sex toy saleswoman to come to your party? There are companies, similar to Tupperware or Mary Kay but a whole lot more fun, that will host events for bachelorette parties.

22. Cooking class. Foodie brides will love the chance to roll up their sleeves and get a little dirty in the kitchen.

23. Bar hop. An obvious option but it’s definitely a fun one. Pick a street that has plenty of options so you don’t have to trek too far in your heels.

bachelorette party ideas
Photo credit: Milk Jar Cookies.

24. Dessert hop. It’s like bar hopping, but with ice cream. If you’re not big drinkers, consider an evening sampling yummy desserts. Find the best ice cream, donuts, crepes and more in your town and eat up!

25. Party bus. This can be a way to get to the party, or the party itself. With the music, lights and drinks, it’s basically your own private club.

26. Slumber party. Go super old school and break out the Twister mat, paint your nails, take the quizzes in Cosmo and of course play Truth or Dare.

27. Dance class. If the bride loves to dance, consider a group class. Plenty of opportunities for laughs and if you book a private class your instructor could teach you a choreographed routine you can all bust out at the club that night.

bachelorette party ideas
Photo credit: Montage Laguna Beach.

28. Beach day. Drinks, snacks, trashy magazines, lots of sunshine, cute lifeguards, sounds pretty perfect. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!

29. Best day ever party. This depends on your bride, but do some investigating and find out what her perfect day is (breakfast in bed followed by a trip to the spa? Impromptu road trip?) and make it happen. Eat all her favorite foods, listen to her favorite music and of course make sure all her favorite people are there.

30. Music festival. Obviously this depends on timing, but for a music lover it would be a blast to attend a festival with your girls and rock out all weekend.



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