42 Tips for an Amsterdam Honeymoon

Amsterdam travel tips honeymoon hotels
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32. One may think of European canals and think Venice, but Amsterdam’s canals rival the Italian city’s. Take time to take a canal tour through the city. You can choose from different types of cruises, depending on the experience that you’re aiming to have. Indulge in a dinner cruise if you’re looking for something with a little more romance or partake in a guided cruise to learn more about the city and its history.

Amsterdam travel tips honeymoon hotels
Red Light District. Photo courtesy of amsterdam.info

33. Some people can’t think of Amsterdam without associating it with the Red Light District. While it may not sound like the ideal place to go on a honeymoon, it represents a huge part of Dutch culture. If you do choose to go, take a guided tour and learn more about how this unique system operates. Due to the strict law enforcement, it’s actually one of the safest areas in the city and visitors should feel no worry about staying around there.

34. Tulips and the Netherlands practically go hand-in-hand. If your aim in visiting is to see these famous flowers, plan your honeymoon in the spring time, between April and May. Most of the most well-known farming districts are less than an hour away from Amsterdam, so if you rent a car, you can easily get to some of them for a fun day trip.

Amsterdam travel tips honeymoon hotels
Photo courtesy of iamsterdam.com

35. To get a true taste of Dutch culture and history, you should visit the Rijksmuseum. One of the gems of the city, Obama was there during his visit to the Netherlands. You can explore the museum yourself, sign up for a guided tour, or take a canal cruise to see the places represented in the art in the museum. Either way, it’s a can’t-miss for art enthusiasts and those looking to get a taste of Dutch culture.

Amsterdam travel tips honeymoon hotels
Rijksmuseum. Photo courtesy of iamsterdam.com

36. When in Rome, right? Behind the Rijksmuseum is the famous I Amsterdam sign. While posing with it screams “tourist,” it’s part of an important revival of the city and has become iconic. There is a second one near Schipol Airport and a third traveling sign, but take advantage and pose with the original.

37. While in Amsterdam, you can visit the Anne Frank House, where Frank and her family hid during the Holocaust. Despite the gravity of the house, it can be a refreshing change from other art museums in the area.

38. If you’re looking to lighten up your trip, you can visit some of the odder specialty museums that the area has to offer. The Amsterdam Cheese Museum is located near the Anne Frank House and is open to visitors for the mere price of one euro. Not only does it sell a variety of cheeses, but it also features the world’s most expensive cheese slicer. That’s certainly something to brag about to your friends back home!

Amsterdam travel tips honeymoon hotels
The Heineken Experience. Photo courtesy of amsterdam.info

39. If you really love Dutch beer, you can go on the Heineken Experience. A brewery turned tourist attraction, you get the chance to learn about its history and, of course, have more beer.

40. Amsterdam is also known for its many festivals. If you’re visiting in the spring, you can go for King’s Day, which celebrates the birth of the current king. Currently, to honor King Willem-Alexander, the festival falls on April 27th and is marked with concerts, special events, and an annual large-scale flea market.

Amsterdam travel tips honeymoon hotels
Dam Square. Photo courtesy of amsterdam.info

41. The architecture of Amsterdam is particularly distinct. Thanks to a tax that was based on how wide your home was, many of the houses in this city are tall and narrow. Make time to take a walk around the city to get a feel for these unique designs.

42. While walking around, be sure to visit Dam Square. It’s the “town square” of the city and houses the Royal Palace, which used to be the city hall. The square also hosts many fairs and events throughout the year.


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