42 Tips for an Amsterdam Honeymoon

Amsterdam travel tips honeymoon hotels
Photo courtesy of Lloyd Hotel



15. The city center of Amsterdam (the area with the central canals) is fairly small. It takes about a half hour to walk from one end to the other. Staying in or around this area is optimal, because you’ll have the most access to major attractions.

16. Like many European cities, Amsterdam offers everything from the grandest hotels to the most typical hostels. While staying in a hostel will give you the true backpacking European traveller experience, a hotel or bed and breakfast is probably a safe bet for some privacy on your honeymoon. However, Amsterdam has several unique hotels to make your stay even more memorable.

Amsterdam travel tips honeymoon hotels
Photo courtesy of Bicycle Hotel

17. If the idea of riding around on a bike is what drew you to the city, look into staying at the Bicycle Hotel. This hotel is aimed towards people who want to view the city by bike. Claiming that the city is best viewed by cycle, they offer bike rentals and maps so you can enjoy the city to the best of your ability, all while biking like the Dutch do.

18. Another accommodation that will make your stay even more authentically Dutch is a houseboat. There are several ways to stay in one during your stay, including renting, staying in a B&B, or even in the Amstel Botel, a hotel on the water. Be warned though. This is not for those prone to seasickness!

Amsterdam travel tips honeymoon hotels
Photo courtesy of amstelbotel.nl

19. Those striving for a unique experience on land can check out the Lloyd Hotel. Since it was converted from a national heritage building to a hotel, each of the sixteen rooms is different. It’s also conveniently located near the water, a draw for guests from all over.

20. Amsterdam also has no shortage of bed and breakfasts. Enjoy a cozier, intimate experience at one and get to know the owners in order to immerse yourself in the culture of the Netherlands.

Amsterdam travel tips honeymoon hotels
Bed and Breakfasts in Amsterdam. Photo courtesy of iamsterdam.com

21. If you are really set on staying in a hostel for a distinctly European experience, you have plenty of options to choose from. Amsterdam offers everything from chain hostels to privately owned ones. StayOkay, a popular chain, has several hostels within the city that are worth checking out.

22. In the same vein as houseboat hotels, there are also houseboat hostels. Nothing says Amsterdam like one of these!



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