The Ultimate Honeymoon Playlist

Music is a huge part of travel. Whether you’re on a train, plane, or in the car, you’re bound to see someone with ear buds on, if not everyone. Each is in their own little world, absorbed in the music. Make sure your music gets you in the mood for travel with this playlist. Whether you’re on a two-hour flight or taking a twelve-hour road trip, this will get you and your spouse ready for your next big adventure!

artworks-000028219019-m9fccu-original1. “Anything Could Happen” — Ellie Goulding
This techno sounding jam says it all. It’s a great way to get pumped up for all the possibilities that travel brings! Upbeat and happy, it’s a sure way to get fired up before an early flight.

2. “Counting Stars” — OneRepublic
This is another song where the lyrics perfectly capture the feeling of travel and freedom. (“Take that money/watch it burn” is a sensation any traveler can relate with!) It’s pop beat will have you up and going, no matter what time you have to wake up to hit the road.

1520003. “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” — The Proclaimers
Is there a better declaration of love and travel? This is a perfect song to sing along to and has fantastic lyrics. Though, hopefully, you two won’t have to walk 500 miles to be together!

4. “Welcome to New York” – Taylor Swift
Okay, so T. Swift is not everyone’s cup of tea, but this song will seriously have you dancing in your seat. Even if you’re not heading to the Big Apple, it’s the perfect song for any travel soundtrack.

5. “Thunder Road” – Bruce Springsteen
A little classic music never hurt and Bruce is not exception. Maybe this isn’t your last chance to make it, like the song describes, but it tells the story of a couple hitting the road and trying to get out…just like you!

BqnvTX6CUAArk9S.jpg-large6. “Maps” – Maroon 5
Maps may be a thing of old, but they’re something about them that makes you just want to hit the road. This song might not be referring to a literal map, but it’s still a catchy tune that’ll have you following Google maps to your next desination!

7. “Don’t Stop Believin’” — Journey
Need I say anymore? Just try to refrain from singing along in public!

8. “Best Day of My Life” – American Authors
Sometimes travel can be frustrating and you just need a little reminder of why you’re doing this. This song isn’t travel-related, but it’s guaranteed to put any grouchy traveler in a good mood. You could be on the way to the best day of your life!

9. “Dusseldorf” — Regina Spektor
Perfect for any traveler headed to Europe, this song is speckled with references to European cities. Amsterdam, London, Barcelona, and of course, the titular Dusseldorf, Germany.

o-MUMFORD-AND-SONS-HOPELESS-WANDERER-VIDEO-facebook10. “Hopeless Wanderer” — Mumford and Sons
This song is the anthem for any traveler. Mumford and Son’s easy going sound is both romantic and uplifting, leaving you and your spouse feeling ready to conquer the world!

No matter how you choose to travel or what you choose to listen to, music is always a great companion for the road. So buckle in, sit tight, and get yourself ready for some fun!

Erin Kayata

Erin is a Massachusetts native currently studying journalism at Emerson College. Fresh out of a semester studying in Europe, she enjoys exploring her native New England and writing about her experiences. Find her on Twitter at @erin_kayata.

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