How to Incorporate Travel into your Wedding

Despite your best intents, your destination wedding may not work out. Fact. But, if travel is a huge part of your life (and you’re going to make up for it by having an awesome honeymoon), there are still some ways that you can incorporate your travels into your wedding theme.

Make your invitations passports.

OK, this might be totally cheesy, but it’s also kind of adorable. Make your invitations in the style of a passport, allowing admission into your wedding. If you’re feeling extra crafty, add pages with stamps of the places you two have been. It’s your wedding and you can show off if you want to!

Destination Wedding Invitations featuring passport and boarding pass for Chelsea and John. By Two if by Sea Studios #Wedding #Invitations

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Add a map in your program.

If you’re having a program for your ceremony, use a map to add a personal travel touch. Have the front feature a map marked with places you and your partner have been, either together or individually. If you’re really big explorers, have hearts to mark places that are significant to your relationship. Get engaged in Africa or have your first kiss in Paris? On the map it goes!

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Replace table numbers with individual locations.

What better way to tell people where they’re sitting than to tell them where you’ve been? Rather than having table numbers, give each table a different location based on where you and your new spouse have been. Have a favorite city or country? Even better. Have each table named after a certain area.

Turn favorite cities into centerpieces:

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Give out travel-themed favors.

This is the time to get crafty. Your favors say a lot about you as a couple, so there’s plenty of different ways to get your favors to say “we love travel!” With everything from personalized compasses to luggage tags, there are lots of little ways to remind your guests that it’s a big world and you’re out to explore!

Luggage Tags (for a Destination Wedding)

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Have a travel-themed guestbook.

Have your guest wish you “bon voyage” in a book fitting of your travels. You can make your own guest book with old maps to have the guests sign. Don’t forget to include a globe on the cover with your names across it! Alternatively, you could have your guests sign an actual globe that will make for a great centerpiece in your home.

globe guest book

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Take adventure-themed photos.

Get a few shots of you and your spouse with your suitcases, before you leave for your honeymoon or with your passports. If you want to get the guests in on the fun, get a photobooth with a mini chalkboard and have them all take pictures with their hometown or favorite destination on it!

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Decorate the venue with postcards.

Leave framed postcards on the tables around the venue. They can be form places you hope to go, places you’ve been, or even places close to your heart. It’s a great way to remind everyone of your urge to explore the world!

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Ask for travel recommendations.

During the reception, pass out a book and ask guests to write down a recommended destination. It’ll get your guests involved and they’ll love giving their feedback. Plus, you might get an idea for your next vacation!

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