Costa Rica Destination Wedding — Becky and Trevor

Becky Leroux and Trevor Greene’s love story spans multiple continents, from meeting in Canada to getting engaged in Dubai and married in Costa Rica. But what really caught our eye was the thoughtful way the couple included personal details into their beautiful wedding, giving the event a sense of friends, family and home even as they were thousands of miles away from where they’re from. Read on to see how Becky and Trevor pulled off a fun and sentimental destination wedding in Costa Rica.

costa-rica-destination-wedding-dress-ringDestination42: First, tell us a little about you and your husband, where are you from? How did you meet? How did you get engaged?
Trevor and I are both from Canada. We grew up 30 minutes apart from each other, but didn’t meet until I got a job bar tending at a golf and ski resort while I was in teachers college in 2005. Trevor was the chef at the fine dining restaurant at the resort, so common work schedules turned into a relationship.

About a year and a half into our relationship I got the opportunity to teach at an American International private school in Dubai, so we moved overseas where we have been ever since. This is our 7th year in Dubai. I am a grade 4 teacher, and Trevor is a chef at the Address hotel.


Our engagement story is not as exciting as everyone imagines theirs to be.

Every summer we fly home to Canada (me for 2 months, Trevor for 1). My flight was booked to leave on what I thought was June 15th, but when I woke up the morning of the 14th thinking I had an entire day to sort myself out before flying home for 2 months, I realized my flight was for that night.

Little did I know that Trevor had reservations and plans to go to the beach the next day for a sunset engagement, this was now ruined by my lack of proper planning. Since I spent the entire day packing, picking things up, etc., Trevor spent the whole day with me, with a ring in his pocket, trying to find an ideal time (in pandemonium) to propose.

Turns out that ideal time was when the day finally slowed down, I was all packed, an hour from getting on the plane, in our living room. Of course I was ecstatic (after over 7 years of dating!) though now I was going home to Canada engaged, and I wouldn’t see him for another month (I guess boys just don’t think about that kind of stuff).



D42: What made you decide to have a destination wedding? Why did you pick Costa Rica?
 We decided to have a destination wedding as we are an international couple, and I didn’t like the idea of having anything big and stuffy. After being overseas for 7 years, we had close friends from so many different countries, and we wanted to be able to accommodate as many people as possible. At our wedding we had people fly from, or have home countries of: Canada, USA, Dubai, Philippines, Poland, England, South Africa and Australia.

We looked at many different places, but we kept coming back to the idea of not going to a resort — because we aren’t really resort style people. As soon as Trevor saw the picture of Casa de las Brisas online he said that he wanted to get married there. As that was the first input he gave — I was happy to let him pick it! The idea of having all our close friends and family staying together for a week in beautiful villas was exactly what we didn’t know we wanted all along.



D42: Did you work with a wedding planner or DIY? How was that experience?
I did work with a wedding planner, because I knew there was no way I could sort out all the vendors, etc. from Dubai to Costa Rica. Chelsea Brandau was my wedding planner and she was absolutely fantastic! Our communication started early on, and we Skyped for a year sorting out all the details. She incorporated all my ideas, and on the days leading up to the wedding (and the wedding day) I worried about absolutely nothing, which was the greatest money I ever spent!


D42: Do you have any advice for couples also planning a destination wedding?
Get a wedding planner! Find someone who works with you, who understands you as a couple, and who will take the stress away.

Don’t choose someone who the resort or location “assigns” to you, as they may not be as flexible. They may have designated vendors, prices, and not understand your vision. (for example, I always wanted traditional flowers, and not just tropical ones because I was in the rainforest. Chelsea understood that, and got what I wanted, instead of telling me what I “had to have”).

Pick a wedding planner who asks a lot of questions, and one who is organized, and you know will get the job done. Lastly — relax: There was a crazy storm right before my wedding, the power went out, there was water everywhere, but it was still my wedding day and I didn’t let it bug me. You have to be a little more go with the flow for destination weddings, because the whole environment is more relaxed.



D42: What was your favorite part of the day?
There were so many times in the day when I just stopped and thought about what was happening around me, and was so excited. If I had to pick one, and it will be so cliche, it really was seeing Trevor for the first time. I was actually so excited, that I forgot to say anything to my dad, I didn’t even hug him, Trevor didn’t even shake his hand, and it wasn’t on purpose. We were both so into that moment that we forgot everything else! Second best part was when we were pronounced husband and wife. I felt like I was watching a movie. I literally could not stop laughing and smiling.


D42: What personal details did you incorporate into the wedding day?
Becky: We did include a number of personal elements in the day:

All of the bridal bouquets are hand made. They are brooch and fabric flower bouquets. We made everything about them by hand. All the flowers, all the forms, etc.
The fabric we used to make the flowers was from many different items including bridesmaids dresses (when they had them hemmed), friends’ and family’s fabric from clothing they didn’t use anymore, my actual wedding dress fabric — because I cut the train off, and there were a couple of flowers that were not made by hand in the bouquets — they belonged to one of my best friends who would have been a bridesmaid, however; we lost her to cancer a year and a half before the wedding. The bouquets were made by friends and family and took an entire year to do.

On my bouquet (with the black handle) there is a silver J. This is a piece off Trevor’s mother, Janet’s, necklace. She passed away nearly 2 years before our wedding.


Another very personal element is that my grandmother’s ring was sewn to the inside of my dress. My grandmother’s ring comes with a really cool journal, and is passed amongst all the females on my mothers side of the family. (It’s called the diary of the traveling ring). Whenever someone in the family is going somewhere, or has an important life event — they get the ring and the diary. They take it with them wherever they are going, photograph themselves with the ring, and then write about it in the diary for generations to come. Even though my grandmother is no longer with us, through her traveling ring she has been all over the world, been with us through births of great grandchildren, weddings, etc. so that was really special.

Some other personal elements included our love for traveling. There was a map theme which ran throughout the wedding from small map hearts on the table, map name cards, as well as the guest book, which was actually vintage postcards with maps on them for the guests to write a message on.


My parents wrote the closing blessing to be said to us after we were married.

The really cool “ bottomless sandals” that all the bridesmaids wore were made by myself and my sister in law (also a bridesmaid). We worked on them together over the Christmas holiday when I was home in Canada.

Lastly, and much less personal than the rest — I have been in so many weddings, and worn so many “not so wonderful” bridesmaid dresses, that I wanted to give my bridesmaids all their own choice of dress. I told them anything from beige to nude to champagne to blush or anywhere in between. I LOVE the way it turned out, and it was a favorite of mine. The colors I really tried to stick with were nude and black.Leroux_Greene_Madison_Baltodano_Photography_IMG383_low


D42: Did you go on a honeymoon after the wedding?
We did not go on a honeymoon. We were already in Costa Rica with everyone closest to us, and we had a full week together — nothing gets better than that. Plus, I cherish my time at home in Canada in the summer so much, that I really didn’t want to lose any of it. Trevor and I are lucky enough to be able to travel very often throughout the year. We just got back from 2 weeks in Bali, but once again we were with friends so I don’t think it counts. We might go on a honeymoon eventually, but just as long as we never stop exploring new and amazing places, that’s enough for me.



Photographer:  Madison Baltodano Photography
Officiant: Ana Castro
Reception Venue: Casa de las Brisas
Pre Ceremony Location: Casa de las Brisas
Equipment Rentals: Eventos Boadicea
Bakery: Mariposa Pastry
Event Planner: Oasis Weddings
Floral Designer: Stylos y Flores
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