When Is the Best Time of Year for Your Honeymoon?

If you’re planning a beach honeymoon the last thing you want is seven straight days of rain — or worse, a full-on hurricane. While you might not be thrilled with the idea of leaving a few weeks or months after your wedding it may just be worth it to experience the best weather at your destination (and honestly, this couple that went on a safari honeymoon and this couple that visited the Canary Islands would tell you it’s a great idea).

For a little cheat sheet on the best time to visit your honeymoon destination, check out the infographic from Protect Your Bubble below (click on the image to view it larger):

Honeymoon Infographic V2

Sarah Carrillo Riswick

Sarah Carrillo Riswick is the founder and editor of Destination42.com. In addition to poring over photos of gorgeous weddings, she enjoys traveling the world in search of the perfect beach and the perfect margarita. She's pretty sure she's found both, but it never hurts to keep checking ...

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