7 Wedding Dessert Alternatives Your Guests Will Love

Not a cake fan? Or just want to mix things up at your wedding? There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, if many of your guests are attending multiple weddings this year they may be thrilled that you opted for something other than the standard buttercream or fondant confection.

Remember, your wedding food and dessert can really be anything you want, so why not pick your favorite treats? A display of brownies, cupcakes and macarons would be lovely, as would any of these unconventional wedding dessert ideas below:

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

While any ice cream would be a welcome treat at a wedding, especially one in the summer heat, ice cream made with liquid nitrogen adds an extra element of showmanship. If you’ve never had it, basically individual servings of ice cream are made using liquid nitrogen to freeze the ingredients super quickly, resulting in extra creamy ice cream. Ice Cream Lab in Los Angeles uses this method and caters parties, and there’s also the Nitropod Bus in Los Angeles and Bend Creamery in Bend, Ore.

No. 2: Cookies or Ice Cream Sandwiches

Who doesn’t love a cookie fresh out of the oven? Give your guests this delicious treat by finding a bakery who makes amazing cookies to bring a selection to your wedding. You could also use those cookies to create ice cream sandwiches (perhaps with an attendant to make customized ice cream and cookie pairings, or you could have them pre-assembled for people to grab). Milk Jar Cookies in Los Angeles does this, and other yummy bakeries are popping up all over the country.

No. 3: Donut “Cake”

Photo credits: TheKnot.com, StyleMePretty.com, Brides.com

Photo credits: TheKnot.com, StyleMePretty.com, Brides.com

If you love donuts but feel like you “should” have a wedding cake, I have a solution: Take a bunch of donuts, stack them all pretty-like on a cake stand and voila, donut cake. Not only are donuts delicious, but they’re easy for people to grab and eat, no fork (or heck, plate) needed.

No. 4: “Cheese” Cake

Photo credits: LoveMyDress.net, LoveWedBliss.com.

Photo credits: LoveMyDress.net, LoveWedBliss.com

Maybe you’re just not a sweets couple. Maybe you look forward to the cheese course at a restaurant more than anything. If so, go for broke and have a literal cake made of different cheeses for your guests to try. If you don’t want to leave all your sweet-toothed guests hanging you could also do a traditional cheesecake to keep the theme going.

No. 5: Fresh Churros

Granted, all the cinnamon and sugar can be a bit messy, but it’s worth it, especially if churros are your favorite sweet treat. Caterers like the Churro Borough in Los Angeles will prepare fresh batches at parties and also pair them with ice cream or dipping sauces. Odds will be good that your guests haven’t seen a wedding dessert like this before.

No. 6: Individual Pies

Pies are not just for Thanksgiving, they can also be a perfect (and photo-op worthy) dessert at your wedding. Shops like Simple Things in Los Angeles can create individual-sized pies for a cute display and easy-to-eat dessert at your wedding.

No. 7: Chocolate Tasting

Share your chocolate obsession with your wedding guests by having an interactive chocolate tasting set-up — with a chocolate expert on hand to guide them through the process, of course. You could have different types of chocolate from around the world, different chocolate-themed desserts and maybe even wine or champagne pairings to go with it. Jade Chocolates in San Francisco and Choco le’a in Hawaii offer chocolate tasting experiences at weddings and parties.

Sarah Carrillo Riswick

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