7 Honeymoon Ideas That’ll Start Your Marriage Off Right

Editor’s Note: The lovely staff at AFAR magazine have put together a collection of fabulous ideas for honeymooning couples. Check them out below! 

Photos courtesy of AFAR.

Photos courtesy of AFAR.

They say a couple that travels together, stays together, but “couples travel” isn’t mutually exclusive with “romantic beach getaways.” When you travel, you’re more relaxed, open-minded, curious, adventurous, and likely: fun! What better way to get to know your spouse? Ahead of wedding season, below are AFAR’s favorite honeymoon experiences that are guaranteed to strengthen your relationship and help you learn something new about your significant other.

  1. The Couple That Learns Together: Skill building is a great way to discover something new about yourself and your partner. From cooking, to language classes, art, dance, and more, there are tons of ways to learn something new when you travel. AFAR’s favorite experience for couples looking to learn together is: Silk scarf weaving in Laos.
  1. The Couple That Challenges Together: Getting out of your comfort zone and pushing your personal limits is an extremely rewarding experience. Being there to support your partner, or have your loved one there with you cheering you on only helps you grow together. It’s like you’re both part of an exclusive membership and the only two in on the special secret. AFAR’s pick for the best place for couples to challenge themselves: Hiking in Patagonia.
  1. The Couple That Helps Together: Start your life together as a team by working together to help make the world a little bit better. AFAR’s pick for couples who want to volunteer on their honeymoon: working with children in India.
  1. The Couple That Road Trips Together: Just you and your partner on the open road — what could be a better way to test your relationship and conquer the world together? So, where to go? AFAR’s pick for the best road-trip honeymoon is: Tasmania. You may also want to consider California wine country, Sweden and France for other road trip ideas.
  1. The Couple That Eats Together: The wedding diet is OVER! Relish in the world’s palate and savory every delicious bite and sip together. Who knows, maybe you’ll also learn something new about each other’s eating preferences along the way. AFAR’s favorite foodie honeymoon experience: Sicily. Other foodie favorites include Bangkok, Copenhagen, Brussels, and Amsterdam.
  1. The Couple That Disconnects Together: If there is one time when you truly unplug from technology, make it your honeymoon. Allow your trip to guide your conversation and use the time to get to know each other rather than keeping up on the latest trending hashtag. AFAR’s pick for the best place for honeymooners to unplug: Nicaragua. 
  1. The Couple That Time Travels Together: Reflect on and learn from the past while entering a new future together as a couple. AFAR’s favorite experience for historic cultural immersion: Cuba.
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