4 Things Everyone Forgets When Wedding Planning

With a wedding this fun, the last thing you want is a forgotten to-do ruining your night. Photo credit: Toby Morris

With a wedding this fun, the last thing you want is a forgotten to-do ruining your night. Photo credit: Toby Morris

There’s no shortage of stuff you need to remember when planning a wedding: ordering invitations, making a seating chart, deciding on a wedding day hairstyle, booking your honeymoon hotel. So it’s not surprising that within this giant list of to-dos that a few things will fall through the cracks.

To help stop a few of those items from “falling,” I’ve put together this list of commonly-forgotten items for you to keep in mind. And if you’re already on top of them? Hey, consider yourself ahead of the game! And if you’re already married, please help out the engaged couples by sharing the stuff you almost forgot (or did forget) in the comments.

No. 1: Factoring vendor tips into your budget
Not all vendors require tipping, but plenty of them do, so you’ll want to make sure you leave some room in your budget to say thanks to the people that will make your wedding awesome. Also, in addition to adding this into your budget, you could also put together labeled envelopes with the tip money in them and entrust a bridal party member or family member to hand them out at the end of the night (choose this person wisely though!). And if you do forget? You can always mail it to them after the wedding, a belated gratuity would still be much appreciated!

No. 2: Day-of transportation for you and your bridal party
Maybe you’ve been dreaming about the stretch limo or classic car taking you from the ceremony to the reception for weeks, but if not you’ll want to consider how everyone is getting around on your wedding day and what the parking situation will be. Keep in mind that you’ll need to get everyone from the place you’re getting ready to the spot you’re taking photos, to the ceremony, to the reception and back home again. You don’t have to be responsible for all of this (I’m assuming your bridal party can drive or Uber to the hair salon if need be), but it’s a good idea to think it over and at least make sure everyone has directions and knows where they need to go. Same goes for your guests, if your wedding is taking place in different locations make sure they know this and know how to get from A to B.

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Driving a 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang to Balboa Island in Orange County, Calif. All photos by James Riswick

No. 3: Putting someone in charge of wedding gifts and cards
While a lot of people will order something off your registry and ship it to you ahead of time, there will still be people who bring gifts and cards to the actual wedding. So you’ll need a place for them to go and someone who can be responsible for making sure all those lovely gifts and cards make it back to you at the end of the night. Your on-site coordinator or wedding planner may handle it, but if not (or if you don’t have one of these essential helpers) ask a friend or bridal party member to keep an eye on things and move everything to your car, hotel room or another safe space sometime during the reception.

No. 4: Figuring out how all your wedding stuff is going to get home after the wedding
This one really only applies if you’re leaving somewhere right after the wedding or the next morning. If you are you’ll need help returning tuxes and transporting your wedding dress, gifts and decor back to your house. For example, at my wedding we left the hotel early the morning after for our flight so I gathered up all the stuff we didn’t want to bring with us on our honeymoon and had my parents pick it up from our hotel room, drop it off at our apartment the next day and return my husband’s tux when they returned my dad’s (thanks Mom and Dad!). You may be able to do something similar, leave things with a friend or see if your venue can store certain items until you get back. Either way, make sure you know how your stuff is getting home beforehand so you’re not trying to stuff a wedding dress into your carryon for Hawaii.

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